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As host to the world's largest and most comprehensive Golf GPS database, iGolf has enabled millions of consumer GPS devices ranging from watches, handhelds, lasers, speakers, trolleys and golf cars. To further support the ecosystem iGolf has invested in additional supporting solutions such as terrain data with 2D/3D viewers, radar and camera based launch monitor technology and remote vehicle autonomy.

Golf technology has expanded into multiple industries segments


Golf technology has expanded into multiple market segments. Our partners utilize solutions we develop and maintain across a wide spectrum including distance measuring devices, golf cars, trolleys, speakers, launch monitors, mobile applications and so much more. With a deep porfolio of technology, we can minimize your cost and time to market. Let us help turn your ideas into reality.



We think of our customers as partners. Every company has equal access to the same robust suite of content and technology to develop unique solutions for their customers. Whether you sell distance measuring devices, launch monitors, electric trolleys, golf cars, mobile apps or enterprise software solutions—we'll help you get to market quickly and efficiently.


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A team of engineers and technology enthusiasts, iGolf was one of the original inventors of consumer golf GPS. Our hand has been in golf technology from its inception.

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