Golf technology has expanded into multiple industries segments


Golf technology has expanded into multiple market segments. Our partners utilize solutions we've developed across a wide spectrum including distance measuring devices, golf cars, trolleys, speakers, launch monitors, mobile applications and so much more. With a deep portfolio of technology we can minimize your time and cost to market. Let us help turn your ideas into reality.

Distance Measuring Devices

Do you have an idea or brand that's interested in deploying distance measuring devices into the golf marketplace? Whether you're considering a watch, handheld, laser or speaker—we're the only company with experience in industrial design, manufacturing, firmware and map data on nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Let us help you get to market quickly and efficiently maximizing profits.



No other company in golf technology powers as many web and mobile applications. Over 55 companies currently use our proprietary iGolf Connect API to leverage nearly 40,000 GPS mapped golf courses with elevation terrain data*. For companies looking for a reliable, scalable platform (that includes 2D / 3D viewer libraries), iGolf is the ideal partner for you.


Vehicles & Agronomy

Golf cars, trolleys and push carts are always the most recognizable vehicles to golfers. However many additional vehicles work all day behind the scenes to keep golf courses at their best.
If you're a manufacturer of golf cars, trolleys, lawn mowers, heavy equipment or even irrigation systems we have technology that can help your current and future products.


Simulators & Training Aids

With golfers entering the game in new ways, launch monitors and training aids have become some of the fastest-growing market segments in golf. If your company is looking to add a radar or camera-based launch monitor to your portfolio, we’re the partner that can help get you to market quickly and efficiently. Combining our proprietary hardware and software solutions—including Insight, Android 18 and our golf course terrain map data, with 3D viewers—you can quickly deploy a customized solution for your brand.


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