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Golf cars have become an essential part of the game. Both younger and older generations have become used to distance-measuring devices and are looking for golf cars to follow the path set by the automotive industry, with integrated technology now built into the vehicle. With more golf car companies relying on iGolf technology than ever, we have a proven track record for providing the best and newest technology to your platform.


iGolf Connect® is a content delivery platform that supplies golf course information and GPS content to mobile and web application developers, connected hardware manufacturers and website operators.

iGolf provides Connect for partners with detailed API documentation, enabling rapid integration while providing enterprise-level scalability and redundancy, using a cloud based architecture.

Partners can choose between a per-request fee (or an unlimited model) based on individual requirements.

Pricing starts for as little as $5,000 per year.

Golf GPS Maps

iGolf is the most-accurate provider of nearly 40,000 GPS enabled golf courses, providing enterprise-level scalability and redundancy using a cloud based architecture.

Customers have access to perimeter GeoData for fairways, greens, tee boxes, hazards, water, advanced GeoData for trees and other obstacles (including size), cart paths, center line path to hole and clubhouse structures.

Data can be accessed using iGolf Connect for mobile and web applications or directly embedded onto a device.

Golf Course Information

With nearly 40,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries, iGolf remains the largest database for course contact data—including address, phone number, course website, detailed tee box information, including tee box name, color, and yardages, scorecard information for yardage, par, and handicap rating with course slope and rating available for scoring calculation.

Data can be accessed using iGolf Connect for mobile and web applications or directly embedded onto a device.

Terrain Data

iGolf is currently the only known supplier of golf course elevation terrain data—with over 20,000 unique golf courses in the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia—all stored in a flexible JSON format.

Paired with our 3D libraries customers can rapidly deploy on multiple platforms 3D Hole-by-Hole Course Tours, 3D Distance Measurements and 3D Perspective—providing golfers real world views for each shot.

3D Golf Viewer

In a three-dimensional world—with customers expecting more than ever from products and services—there's no better way to impress your customers then to bring them into a 3D perspective environment (on roughly 20,000 golf courses worldwide.)

With Android native, iOS native and JavaScript support, we have your platform covered.

Mobiles apps, web apps, golf simulators, trolleys and golf cars have all successfully integrated our 3D library for a real world hole-by-hole experience, including customization capabilities that create a unique experience for your brand.

For a live demonstration click the link to select any of the nearly 20,000 courses we've mapped worldwide.

2D Golf Viewer

Quickly bring two-dimensional golf views to your web or mobile application at nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

Our viewer libraries support Android native, iOS native and JavaScript for popular web platforms.

Custom colors and graphics can also be integrated to create a unique experience for your brand.

For a live demonstration click the link to select any golf course worldwide.


InSight is a powerful set of algorithms used to provide instant metrics for golf swing and ball analytics.

With only a few inputs, we can provide simulated data such as APEX, fight time, direction, carry and total distance.

InSight can run on small, low-powered ARM microprocessors for embedded products up to X86 Intel computer systems.

For organizations needing server scalability, InSight Enterprise provides a simple API to integrate your application.

Radar Doppler

If your company is adding a Doppler radar launch monitor, we have you covered.

Our most-economical solution is a single array Doppler radar design.

With a compact footprint of 3.5" x 3"—including antennas—the board provides club speed, ball speed, launch angle and ball spin—with Bluetooth or USB outputs.

For solutions requiring more accuracy and additional functionality, our phased array Doppler design supports all single array functions plus, side spin and swing path.

If you're considering adding Doppler radar to a portable or fixed device, trolley or golf car, please request development boards.

Remote Autonomy

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy have become popular technologies for short-range vehicle use.

Whether you're looking for a simple remote control for a golf trolley, mower or various ground equipment, we have proven technology successfully deployed throughout the industry.

For companies working on a more-complex autonomous solution, we have pioneered technology that directly integrates with our map data, ensuring specific motorized vehicles don't end up in areas they're not supposed to.


With over 500,000 golf speakers supported in marketplace and a dozen products currently in development, iGolf has developed a unique position in helping customers through mechanical design, manufacturing and application integration.

With a large number of development samples, we can help your company accomplish the best sound and technology to fit your brand.


In an effort to efficiently develop and deploy customer products to market, iGolf supports a host of microcontroller libraries to directly integrate LCD's, Bluetooth and WiFi SOC's, accelerometers, gyros, and GNSS chipsets and modules.

Processors, modules and chipsets include Epson, ST Micro, Nordic, Ublox, Quectel and Qualcomm.

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