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As host to the worlds largest and most comprehensive Golf GPS database, iGolf has enabled millions of consumer GPS devices ranging from watches, handhelds, lasers, speakers, trolleys and golf cars. To further support the ecosystem iGolf has invested in additional supporting solutions such as terrain data with 2D/3D viewers, radar and camera based launch monitor technology and remote vehicle autonomy.

Golf Course Data

Hosting the world’s largest and most accurate GPS enabled golf course databases for nearly 40,000 golf courses, iGolf continues to innovate technical solutions for top brands. Whether you're looking for course information, golf GPS maps or terrain elevation data, we can provide your company quick access to multiple data sets.



We're serious about Golf Technology. For nearly 20 years we've been pioneers in the industry. Whether you need a tightly compressed Golf GPS database for your current product or a complex highly integrated Doppler Radar solution for golf simulation we have a technology portfolio that can support your requirements minimizing your cost and time to market.



As customers have requested entrance into new markets we've been hard at work developing libraries to speed up development saving you time and money. Whether you're building the next best golf mobile app, a game changing GPS measuring device or the most technologically advanced golf car, we have libraries that will support your development requirements. Let us know what we can do to help.


Platform OS

Whether you're company builds mobile apps, tournament software, launch monitors, trolleys or even golf cars, we have a platform for you. Check out a few options below and let us know if we can help. We're always looking for companies we can help get to market with cutting edge technology in short timelines.


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