As customers have requested entrance into new markets we've been hard at work developing libraries to speed up development saving you time and money. Whether you're building the next best golf mobile app, a game changing GPS measuring device or the most technologically advanced golf car, we have libraries that will support your development requirements. Let us know what we can do to help.

2D Golf Viewer

Quickly bring two-dimensional golf views to your web or mobile application at nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Our viewer libraries support Android native, iOS native and JavaScript for popular web platforms. Custom colors and graphics can be integrated to create a unique experience for your brand.

3D Golf Viewer

In a three-dimensional world with customers expecting more from products and services, there's no better way to impress your customers then to bring them into a 3D perspective environment on over 20,000 golf courses worldwide. With Android native, iOS native and JavaScript support we have your platform covered. Mobiles apps, web apps, golf simulators, trolleys and golf cars have all successfully integrated our 3D library for a real world hole by hole experience including customization capabilities to create a unique experience for your brand.


In an effort to efficiently develop and deploy customer products to market, iGolf supports a host of Microcontroller libraries to directly integrate LCDs, Bluetooth and WIFI SOC's, Accelerometers, Gyros, and GNSS chipsets and modules. Processors, modules and chipsets include Epson, ST Micro, Nordic, Ublox, Quectel and Qualcomm.

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