Whether you're company builds mobile apps, tournament software, launch monitors, trolleys or even golf cars, we have a platform for you. Check out a few options below and let us know if we can help. We're always looking for companies we can help get to market with cutting edge technology in short timelines.


iGolf Connect® is a content delivery platform that supplies golf course information and GPS content to mobile and web application developers, connected hardware manufacturers and website operators. iGolf provides Connect partners with detailed API documentation to enable rapid integration while providing enterprise-level scalability and redundancy using a cloud based architecture. Partners can choose between a per request fee or an unlimited model based on individual requirements. Pricing starts for as little as $5,000 annually.


InSight is a powerful set of algorithms used to provide instant metrics for golf swing and ball analytics. With only a few inputs, we can provide simulated data such as APEX, Flight Time, Direction, Carry and Total Distance. InSight can run on small low powered ARM microprocessors for embedded products up to X86 Intel computer systems. For organizations needing server scalability, InSight Enterprise provides a simple API to integrate your application.

Android 18

Android 18 is a customized version of Android developed specifically for the golf industry. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, Dual Cameras, Radar, Speakers, HDMI and Motor Controls are all natively supported. Successfully deployed in golf cars, launch monitors and trolleys, Android 18 has over 100 million hours of use in customer applications.

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