We're serious about Golf Technology. For nearly 20 years we've been pioneers in the industry. Whether you need a tightly compressed Golf GPS database for your current product or a complex highly integrated Doppler Radar solution for golf simulation we have a technology portfolio that can support your requirements getting you to market faster and for less money.

Embedded GPS

From the first Golf GPS handheld designed in 2004 to complex embedded GPS Laser Rangefinders we've designed and built over 75 products for customers with several million active devices in market. An efficient design requires a complex compression engine keeping both the mechanical size small and BOM cost low. iGolf's database of nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide is over 5 Terabytes in size. Our cutting edge compression engine is able to reduce the size to under 128 Megabytes. For requirements including fairways, tee box and perimeter polygons, memory requirements are under 512 Megabytes.


With over 500,000 golf speakers supported in market and 10+ products in development, iGolf has developed a unique position in helping customers through mechanical design, manufacturing and application integration. With a large number of development samples we can help your company accomplish the sound and technology that best fits your brand.

Radar Doppler

If your company is adding a Doppler Radar launch monitor we have you covered. Our most economical solution is a Single Array Doppler Radar design. A compact footprint of 3.5"x3" including antennas, the board provides Club Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Ball Spin with Bluetooth or USB outputs. For solutions requiring more accuracy and additional functionality our Phased Array Doppler Design supports all Single Array functions plus Side Spin and swing path. If you're considering adding Doppler Radar to a portable or fixed device, trolley or golf car please request development boards.

Remote Vehicle Autonomy

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy have become popular technologies for short range vehicle use. Whether you're looking for a simple remote control for a golf trolley, mower or ground equipment we have proven technology deployed throughout the industry. For companies working on a more complex autonomous solution we have pioneered technology that directly integrates with our map data to ensure motorized vehicles don't end up in areas they're not supposed too.

Beacon Wireless

Understanding Bluetooth Low Energy designs has been a requirement for Wearables, Golf Speakers and Trolleys. If your company has a solution they'd like to integrate a wireless short range device that interacts with either a mobile phone, speaker, simulator, golf trolley or golf car let us know. We have proven technology that is multi-platform compatible.

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