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We don’t just like innovation, we love it. Below we’ll take you behind the scenes on several advanced projects in the iGolf lab—and if you see anything of interest, please let us know. More importantly, if you want to contribute or to be on a BETA team, we’re more than interested in having a conversation.

behind the scenes on several advanced projects in the iGolf lab

Green Contour Maps

In 2023, North America should have a ubiquitous dataset, including high-definition green contours and surrounding green bunkers.

Autonomous Golf Maps

It's only a matter of time before autonomous vehicles will be on golf courses. Whether they’re golf cars, trolleys, or mowers—all will soon require maps designed specifically for autonomous use. iGolf is working on proprietary architecture in order to power products for the next decade.

Image Sensors

This is our fancy way of saying we’re working on camera-base launch monitors; both overhead and portable. We’ll soon roll out several options for companies looking to develop a fully-integrated system that provides club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin, APEX, flight time, carry and total distance, as well as club head position.

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