Laser Rangefinders

Laser Rangefinders

For years lasers have been single-sensor devices. That changed over a decade ago when iGolf designed the first Laser/GPS hybrid rangefinder—featuring over 35,000 worldwide embedded golf courses. If you're considering adding GPS, Bluetooth or other telemetry technology into a laser, we're here to help—with the technology (and experience) to back it up.


iGolf Connect® is a content delivery platform that supplies golf course information and GPS content to mobile and web application developers, connected hardware manufacturers and website operators.

iGolf provides Connect for partners with detailed API documentation, enabling rapid integration while providing enterprise-level scalability and redundancy, using a cloud based architecture.

Partners can choose between a per-request fee (or an unlimited model) based on individual requirements.

Pricing starts for as little as $5,000 per year.

Golf GPS Maps

InSight is a powerful set of algorithms used to provide instant metrics for golf swing and ball analytics.

With only a few inputs, we can provide simulated data such as APEX, fight time, direction, carry and total distance.

InSight can run on small, low-powered ARM microprocessors for embedded products up to X86 Intel computer systems.

For organizations needing server scalability, InSight Enterprise provides a simple API to integrate your application.

Golf Course Information

With nearly 40,000 unique golf courses in more than 150 countries, iGolf remains the largest database for course contact data—including address, phone number, course website, detailed tee box information, including tee box name, color, and yardages, scorecard information for yardage, par, and handicap rating with course slope and rating available for scoring calculation.

Data can be accessed using iGolf Connect for mobile and web applications or directly embedded onto a device.

Embedded GPS

From the first golf GPS handheld designed in 2004—to complex embedded GPS laser rangefinders—we've designed and built over 75 products for customers with several million active devices in market.

An efficient design requires a complex compression engine, keeping both the mechanical size small and BOM cost low.

iGolf's database of nearly 40,000 golf courses worldwide is over 5TB in size, while our cutting-edge compression engine can reduce the size to under 128MB.

For requirements including fairways, tee box and perimeter polygons, memory requirements are under 512MB.


In an effort to efficiently develop and deploy customer products to market, iGolf supports a host of microcontroller libraries to directly integrate LCD's, Bluetooth and WiFi SOC's, accelerometers, gyros, and GNSS chipsets and modules.

Processors, modules and chipsets include Epson, ST Micro, Nordic, Ublox, Quectel and Qualcomm.

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