Vehicles & Agronomy

Golf cars, trolleys and push carts are always the most recognizable vehicles to golfers. However many additional vehicles work all day behind the scenes to keep golf courses at their best. If you're a manufacture of golf cars, trolleys, lawn mowers, heavy equipment or even irrigation systems we have technology that can help your current and future products.

Golf Cars

Golf cars have become an essential part of the game. Both younger and older generations have become used to Distance Measuring Devices and are looking for golf cars to follow the path of the automotive industry with integrated technology built into the vehicle. With more golf car companies relying on iGolf technology we have a proven track record of providing technology to your platform.

Golf Cars

Electric Trolleys

Trolleys popular in Europe and Asia are just starting to make headway in the US. As more golfers are enjoying the added exercise of walking without having to push or pull a bag cart, Trolleys are a rapidly growing market segment in golf technology. Increased competition is driving more innovation and we're here to help. With more golf technology deployed in leading Trolley companies, iGolf can help you gain a competitive technology edge.

Electric Trolleys

Mowers & Equipment

Autonomous vehicles are here to stay and the golf equipment industry has taken notice. With rising labor costs, autonomous vehicles such as mowers are the next big thing in the agronomy segment of golf technology. If you're company is developing autonomous equipment for the golf industry we can help with map data and other solutions get you to market faster on a worldwide platform.


Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are complex. With more systems having the added benefit of being connected to the internet, superintendents have the ability to monitor systems in real time making decisions from their office, home or even while traveling. Having golf course map overlays are crucial in providing a user the ability to visually see their golf course. Our maps are available through a simple API allowing any system to immediately gain access to nearly 40,000 mapped golf courses.

Irrigation System