"iGolf Expands Reach in Golf Technology Universe"

iGolf Expands Reach in Golf Technology Universe

San Diego, CA (Jan 30, 2023) — iGolf was featured in the latest edition of the San Diego Business Journal—an article titled “iGolf Expands Reach in Golf Technology Universe” by Jeff Clemetson.

The piece sits behind a paywall for SDBJ subscribers, but the author sent us the above screengrab from the print edition of the article.

Below a snippet from the piece, including some quotes from iGolf CEO and Founder, Brian Verdugo:

Focusing efforts on helping develop technology like radar-based launch monitors is important in developing virtual golf gaming – an important growth area for golf as a whole because of its ability to attract everyone one from pro level golfers to novices just looking to be entertained at places like TopGolf, Verdugo said.

“There’s a huge market out there that we think our customer base can go after and provide a different technology or different platform for bringing in more people,” he said. “It’s an add on to our licensees, saying, ‘If you want to enter this industry, you don’t have to spend five years building incredibly complex technology, we can aid in that process. You still need to build around your brand and what you want to accomplish, who your market segment is, but we can help you get there much faster than you attempting to take that kind of risk and investment to get into the industry.’”

Outra importante área de crescimento em que o iGolf está investindo in Golf Technology Universe é a inteligência baseada em mapas para carrinhos de golfe e trolleys. Verdugo disse que proprietários e operadores de campos de golfe nos EUA precisam de tecnologia que possa controlar frotas de carrinhos de golfe e evitar que operem em “áreas sensíveis” do campo, bem como alertar as lojas profissionais quando um carrinho estiver dirigindo onde não deveria. “Esse é um pouco do nível de inteligência que colocamos”, disse ele.

An even faster growing segment in golf is the trolley market, which Verdugo said “exploded over COVID” when golfers could no longer ride together in golf carts. Like golf carts, trolleys use iGolf’s mapping technology to control where they go and navigate areas of the course with steeper elevations. iGolf provides its IP to the top three trolley makers worldwide, Verdugo said.

“Imagine building golf courses and seeing what they’ll look like in real time or pre-processed autonomous maps for follow me vehicles. The day will come when even golf carts will be fully autonomous. And we’ll be there to power them,” he added.

Those with a subscription to the San Diego Business Journal can read the entire article here, while any media requests for iGolf of Brian Verdugo can be sent to media@igolf.com.

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